Welcome to Writing and the Sciences!

Writing 213x, Spring Semester, 2018
Section UX2

You are here (most likely) because you’ve enrolled in Writing 213x through the UA eCampus at the University of Alaska. Technically, the course CRN info looks like this: WRTG F213x UX2, taught by Megan Moody. This site is your classroom. Here you will find the entire course (assignments, lectures, discussion boards, etc.). We will be using other platforms as well, but you will find links to those through this webpage. Your papers will be submitted through Blackboard and your grades can be found there as well.

This course is designed to help you learn how to analyze the ideas of other writers in the social and natural sciences, with a focus on the disciplinary questions, methods and reasoning that shape the genres and writing practices in the field. Our semester theme is food. We will use this theme to explore questions of food politics, food industry, food science, food and the environment, food culture, and more.

213 is a (W)riting intensive course, which means that you will be doing a significant amount of reading and writing. This is not an easy course. As a matter of fact, it might be one of the most work-intensive courses you take from UAF, so be prepared to work!

Now let’s get started!

Step 1:

Read the  course syllabus  and the  course calendar  in their entirety. This is EXTREMELY important. You are responsible for all of this information.   I will not excuse any late or missing assignments simply because you “didn’t understand’ what was required of you. Make sure you understand the details regarding grades of “Incomplete’ as well as what is needed to pass this course. Once you feel you understand how this class operates, you can begin.

So… What About that First Assignment?

Step 2:

Your first assignments are  to begin lesson one, and write  your first discussion post. Both assignments are  due Sunday, January 21st, 2018 no later than 11:59pm Alaska Standard Time.    Write your first post both as a way to answer the discussion prompt, but also to introduce yourself.  Tell us why you’re enrolled in the course, and what you hope to learn.

Step 3:

Send me an email from your UA Gmail account (it should be something like “xlastname@alaska.edu’). My email address is  mbush11@alaska.edu. The subject line should say “Writing 213 Student Introduction.’ In the body of the email please identify yourself by your full name. Here you can inquire about any questions you have regarding the syllabus or the class as a whole. If you feel confident in your understanding of what’s expected of you a simple hello is fine. The email is just a simple way to introduce yourself. I will confirm that I’ve received it. Try to email me within the first 72 hours of the class beginning so I know you’re alive, near a computer and finding your way around the site.

If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to email. If I’ve not heard a peep from you by Sunday night, the delightful folk at eCampus will track you down to remind you that the semester has begun.