Megan Bush Moody, Instructor for WRT 213x

Hello there. My name is Megan Moody and I am your instructor for WRTG 213. I  am a graduate of UAF’s MFA in Creative Writing program, as of Spring 2015. I am a lifelong Southeast Alaskan, and live in the minuscule fishing village of Tenakee Springs, which boasts a hot springs bath, no cars (plenty of four-wheelers and skiffs),  and a whooping 60 full-time residents.  I live a few miles from town in an old homestead, with one husband and two huskies  (thats Solo trying to eat the dungeness crab in the photo above). Sometimes I write articles about my life for the Alaska Dispatch News, such as this  one.

Food is one of my favorite subjects–hence the course theme. I love being around it in all it’s forms. I like eating it, obviously. But I also like growing it, thinking critically about it, hunting and fishing it, volunteering to help others get it. Except…except cooking it. I am an atrocious cook. I’m working on it, but I hate it. Would rather be writing or outside.

I am available Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm via email: I’d also love to video or gchat with you Monday through Weds 3pm-4pm (think of these as my office hours). Or we can set up another time that works for you. Just let me know.

Excited to meet all of you!