Lesson 11

 The Goal:

To write a well organized outline.

What to Read:

Walk, Talk, Cook, Eat: A Guide to Using Sources‘ by Cynthia R. Haller in  Writing Spaces, Vol 2.

How to Structure and Organize your Paper’  by the Odegaard Writing & Research Center


Writing Exercise:


This week, an outline of your final research paper is due. This is an opportunity to take all the research you’ve done and synthesize it. Read the Odegaard Writing Center’s pamphlet (linked above) as a refresher on how to organize your papers and ideas. The more work you put into your outline, the easier your paper will be (See A Writer’s Reference C-1, pg 12-14).

If your brain doesn’t work in a linear way, it’s okay to do an unusual or non-linear outline.  Check out Prezi  for a fun, online way to organize and reorganize. If you’d rather do a first draft, and outline afterwards, I will give you an automatic extension on this assignment if you turn in your first draft instead. Think through what works for you. This infogram helps give ideas for ways into the essay-writing process.

 Submission Checklist:

  • Research Paper Outline (WA9) (20 points)