Lesson 14

 The Goal:

Your goal for this lesson is to complete your research paper and turn it in. You’re on the home stretch. Just one more paper, which is based on the research you’ve already done (Paper 3)!


What to Read:

Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were You Thinking?‘   by Sandra L. Giles in  Writing Spaces, Vol 1.

Research Paper:

  1. The Final Draft (100 points)
  • 7-9 pages, +1 Works Cited page
  • minimum of 6 sources
  • grammar and punctuation should be highly polished with no errors
  • you must have an obvious thesis statement with organized supporting paragraphs that illuminate your thesis
  • your argument must be logical
  • formatting should be flawless


 Submission Checklist:

  • Final Research Paper (100 points)