Lesson 15

 The Goal:

This final lesson will involve taking the same content, and putting it into a different package for a different audience. Instead of speaking to me and your peers, you will have to figure out a way to persuade a more public audience of your position. The more audiences you can traverse and speak to, the stronger your writing will be.  You will also write a reflective memo about your experience in this course.

What to Read:

Navigating Genre” by Kerry Dirk in  Writing Spaces Vol. 1.

Paper 3:

  1. Your final assignment is to take the research you have done and persuade a public audience of your choosing. See paper 3 requirements for details.
  2. Write a memo of no more than 500 words  addressed to me that discusses  the following:  How has your view of what it means to be a good writer developed over the course of this semester? Please discuss one piece of your own writing from this semester to help you explain your view.

 Submission Checklist:

  • Paper 3 (persuasion) (100 points)
  • Reflective Memo (20 points)