Lesson 8


 The Goal:

In this lesson, you will take your already strong computer literacy skills, and merge them with literary strategies to make you a stronger, more factual and citation-based student. Remember, google scholar is an amazing resource; you know how to use google, and google scholar lets you use google while searching academic, peer reviewed sources. Sign into your university account for access to most articles.



What to Read:

Pp. 139-172 in A Writer’s Reference (Section W)

Annoying Ways People Use Sources‘ by Kyle D. Stedman

*The Omnivore’s Dilemma  by Michael Pollan: Chapter 15-17 (56 pages)

Purdue OWL’s entry on “Annotated Bibliographies‘ and the “Bibliography Samples‘

Paper #2:

This week, revise your second paper, based on my feedback. Remember, I’m most interested in content changes. Revision is hard work, not simply fixing spelling errors (though that’s important too!).


Pick a question that you find interesting from this list. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from chapters 15-17, though it should be something you haven’t discussed yet in a previous discussion.

 Submission Checklist:

  • Contributing to the discussion (30 points)
  • Paper #2 Revision (Variable)