Required Texts


Your main writing textbook is available for free online. You can find all of the chapters individually or you can download a PDF of both volumes on this website:

Writing Spaces

Both volumes are also available for purchase via hard copy here:

Writing Spaces, Vol. 1

Writing Spaces, Vol. 2

The second book is Michael Pollan’s  The  Omnivore’s Dilemma.  We will use Pollan for discussions and essays, exploring both the ideas and writing styles Pollan uses. Recently, I found the full text online here. Personally, I recommend reading a paper version, just to give your eyes a computer breather.

You will also need Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference. This is a handbook that is commonly used in many UAF writing classes, so it might be worth it to keep a copy after the semester is over. You will NEED it for this course and for your next writing course. It is available for purchase both online and in hard copy.

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